Friday, October 25, 2013

Cheese and Apple Grill

Calm down - I am not suggesting for one minute that you need a recipe for cheese and toast, it is just that this blog is so reflective of the kind of food I ate and cooked while I was growing up and with this in mind, I had to include this dish.

Now most people would perhaps just call it cheese on toast with apple or a cheese and apple toastie but not my Mum, this dish was given a proper name to reflect the joy of eating it.

So here it is, my Mum's cheese and apple grill - a dish that for all my life will mean one thing.....home.

2 slices of wholemeal bread
1 big wedge of cheese (mature cheddar is best)
1 green apple
Black pepper

Toast the bread on one side, as you do this, grate the cheese and core and slice the apple.

Once the bread is toasted on one side, turn it over, cover generously with the cheese and apple.

Grill until the apple is slightly softened and the cheese is melted and bubbling.

Sprinkle a little black pepper over and serve.

You could serve this with some chutney but to be honest its perfection is in its simplicity so save yourself the bother of opening the jar!


  1. A lovely sentiment behind the recipe... and it tastes good!

  2. Thanks for your comment Freddie. it is a favourite of mine as well.

  3. Love the idea of using apple in a toastie. Bet it tastes amazing with the cheese! Got loads of apples at the mo from our tree so will have to give this a go! Thanks for the book recommendation! I've dug out white tiger and added it to my to read next pile! Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

  4. Hi - thanks for your comment! Defo give this a go if you have apples from your tree, I used an abundance of apples to make apple chutney the other week which I am going to give out for Christmas presents, I will put the recipe on at some point! Let me know how you get on with both the recipe and the book.

  5. Oh boy that looks scrummy! Simple too! xxoo

    1. Hi Marie - thanks for your comment! It is the best kind of dish - simple and tasty!!! x