Monday, September 16, 2013

'The Little Paris Kitchen' by Rachel Khoo - book review

This is a great recipe book I was given for my birthday and I just love it!  Rachel Khoo lives in Paris and in the book she wants to show how good French food can be, I can safely say that she is 100 per cent successful with this.

The book is full of lovely photos of Rachel out and about in Paris (always in fab outfits I might add!), purchasing ingredients and, of course, the dishes she has made.

I love the book and strongly recommend it.  Me and my Mum both enjoy sitting reading a recipe book as you would read a novel or any other book, even if we are not looking for a specific recipe.  This book firmly fits the bill for this - every time I look through it, I feel I am transported to the centre of the culinary culture of Paris.  I have tried quite a few of the recipes and have made a few tweaks here and there as, for me, recipes are something which can always be developed and improved and should never just be left to stay the same. Here are a few of my favourite recipes from the book so far:

French Toast with Cherry and Basil Compote

Duck with Fanta

Some of the ones I am looking forward to trying include:

Potato, Apple and Black Pudding Salad
Bangers n' Mash
Croque Madam

Watch this space for how I get on with these!

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