Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Review

I took a new cheesecake I had created into work yesterday.  Coconut and Lime it was.  When I tried it at home I didn't think it was great but I took it in anyway to give people a chance to try it.  I knew it wasn't my best but my Mum told me that people will always appreciate something homemade because it is rarer nowadays to get it.  So off I went with my box of cheesecake, put it on top of the fridge at work and told people to help themselves.

A lot of people said they loved it, in fact most people said that but two people said it was.....'interesting' why, despite being told by one work mate that she wanted me to go and live with her on the basis of my cheesecake, am I obsessing over the less enthusiastic reviews?

It has got me thinking about the way we do this in all areas of life, work, relationships, friendships, appearance - we always focus on the negative.  I cannot tell you how many work appraisals I have come out of which have been 99.9 per cent excellent but all I can focus on is the 0.01 per cent development area.  And how many times has someone said to you - 'I like your dress' and your response is not 'thanks' but 'oh it was half price' or 'it is just a cheap one'?  Why can't we just take a compliment and enjoy it, rather than turning it into a negative?

So my new motto is going to be to try to start focusing on the positive.  About 20 people loved the cheesecake, two thought it was 'interesting', even I am willing to admit that this is not actually too bad a review!


  1. I like your new motto. Feedback is always a good thing, even when it's hard to take.

    Let's be honest, 20 vs 2 is a good ratio to have in your favour.

    You stay focused on the positives.